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Grand Rapids, Michigan

BLiS is the result of one chef’s passion to handcraft unique, naturally-sourced, gourmet food ingredients that inspire gourmets around the world. Steve Sallard’s interest in natural, regional and gourmet foods and products began on his family’s half-acre, organic, truck garden in Rochester, Michigan. Today, Steve continues to step up to any food-related challenge, continually introducing new products that quickly become the best in their class.



Bourbon Barrel Matured Maple Syrup

Grade A, dark amber, pure maple syrup aged in specially selected 12–18 year old, single-barrel, bourbon casks. The barrels are carefully agitated until the honey, charred oak, vanilla and spice notes are imparted into the maple syrup for a pure, one-of-a-kind, natural flavor.
U0320070  · UPC 094922514363  ·  24/375 mL
U0320160  ·  96/50 mL Mini Bottle
U0320130  ·  1 Gal 


B Grade Michigan Maple Syrup

BLiS B Maple Syrup is selected from exclusive single-barrel stock produced from old growth Michigan natural maple orchards. BLiS B captures the ultra-rich flavor and a deep-brown, concentrated essence of maple.
U0320190  · UPC 094922522542  ·  24/375 mL
U0320140  ·  1 Gal 



“9” Nine-Year Old Maple Sherry Vinegar

BLiS ages fine sherry vinegar, in small-batch, single-barrel, bourbon casks that have previously aged pure maple syrup. This lends an enhanced sweetness and intense wood, orange peel, vanilla and butterscotch flavors to their sherry vinegar not found in any other vinegars.
U0320010  ·  UPC 689076087049  ·  24/375 mL

Sherry Vinegar "Elixir" 25 Year

BLiS ages extra-old, fine sherry vinegar a second time in rare, eighteen year old, maple-cured, single barrel, bourbon casks assembled in a true solera system. While expensive and time consuming, this method of aging produces a one-of-a-kind, complex sherry vinegar. 
U0320040  ·  UPC 689076086943  ·  6/100 mL


Blast Hot Sauce

A hot pepper sauce that delivers layer upon layer of unparalleled taste—chocolate, maple, hops, garlic, vanilla, wood and spice all in one giant Blast of Umami. 

U0320260  ·  UPC 094922522535  ·  12/375 mL
U0320150 · 1 Gal

Blast Steak Sauce

Steak sauce aged in the same barrels as their hot sauce, giving it a sweet and peppery heat. 

U0320270 · UPC 865957000165 · 6/250 mL
U0320145  · 1 Gal  ·  PREORDER


Barrel-Aged Fish Sauce

BLiS’ Barrel-Aged Fish Sauce is a collaboration between BLiS and Red Boat, the finest Fish Sauce in the industry. Made with Red Boat 40n, the BLiS team have taken this premium Fish Sauce and enhanced its natural flavors through their proprietary aging process for 7 months. The end result is a Fish Sauce that imparts a subtle sweetness and smokiness not found in other Fish Sauces. 
 U0320250 · UPC 094922563675  ·  6/200 mL


Fleur de Sal Sea Salt

BLiS Fleur de Sal Sea Salt (“Flower of Salt” in French) is an organic, hand-harvested sea salt. The taste is a complex balance of the sea and her salt minerals. This salt has small, flaky crystals, a moist texture, and slight grey/pink coloration. It is used to finish a dish rather than as a cooking ingredient.

U0320520 · UPC 632181494639 · Natural · 12/3.5 oz  ·  PREORDER

Moroccan Rub

The fusion of flavors in this rub are drawn from the native Berber coastal cooking of the Mediterranean.  This aromatic rub will greatly enhance the natural flavors of beef, lamb, poultry or wild game. It is also fabulous for seafood.

U0320430 · UPC 094922563651 · 36/3 oz.  ·  PREORDER

Santa Fe Rub

Sweet, earthy richness of chilies to tantalizing smokiness of hickory capture the flavors of the American Southwest in this rub.  This rub is wonderful for seafood or a compliment to beef, pork, poultry or wild game.

U0320370 · UPC 094922563668 · 36/3 oz  ·  PREORDER

Tuscan Rub

The flavors of the well known cuisines of Italy are well noted in this rub.  This has a unique blend of herbs and lemon will create and experience of any beef, pork, or poultry.  Tuscan Rub is fabulous for seafood or added as a dash to pasta, fresh vegetables or salads.

U0320400 · UPC 094922563682 · 36/3 oz  ·  PREORDER

White Truffle Oil

BLiS’ gourmet White Truffle Oil is a chef-produced truffle oil of excellent natural quality capturing the exact essence of Alba White Truffles at peak ripeness. All-natural ingredients, no synthetic additives with a neutral cold-pressed, stable grapeseed oil.

U0320280 · UPC 949225225358  ·  6/200 mL 


Bourbon Barrel-Aged Soy Sauce

BLiS has teamed with Yamato Soy, one of the best soy brewing producers with over a century of brewing experience, to bring you our bourbon-maple barrel aged soy sauce. This non-GMO soy sauce is aged in Kanazawa, Japan in the Japanese tradition for one year, then aged for another year in BLiS tradition with their twenty year old maple cured bourbon barrels. The results are flavor notes of chocolate, cocoa, vanilla, spice, and oak with a viscous umami kick.

U0320080 · UPC 865957000110 · 375 mL
U0320155 · 4 L

Hardwood Smoked Soy Sauce

U0320081 · UPC 865957000127 · 6/375 mL  ·  PREORDER

Spruce Infused Ponzu Sauce

This Spruce Infused Ponzu Sauce was created to showcase BLiS' the unique flavors of their barrel-aged products with the fresh additions of Rare Tea Cellar's spruce tips and ma kombu. A truly unique addition to your culinary repertoire, this sauce is sure to add depth to any dish with a citrusy, umami blast!

Use as a dipping sauce, light glaze, or marinade, this ponzu sauce is sure to pack a punch anywhere it's added!

U0320020 · 860002160153 · 6/375 mL

Apple Brandy Maple Syrup

U0320050 · 24/375 mL · PREORDER
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