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Traiteur De Paris

Paris, France

Traiteur de Paris offers beautiful appetizers, side dishes and desserts, expertly prepared and frozen for convenient use. The company uses natural products without preservatives, flavor enhancers or artificial coloring. These creations save time and provide accurate cost control. The items can be served as is or supplemented with a few additional ingredients for a unique creation.



Potato Gratin

8561Z420 · 40/4.23 oz.

Haricot Vertes

8561Z351 · 2.2 lb

Petit Peas

8561Z368 · UPC 825414400013 · 10/2.2 lb

Peeled Fava Beans 

8561Z365 · 10/2.2 lb

IQF Peeled Chestnuts 

8561Z355 · 2.2 lb

Green Pigeon Peas

8561Z362 · UPC 825414408606 · 2.2 lb

Truffle Butter Roll

8561Z080 · UPC 825414592015 · 10/8.8 oz. 

Garlic & Herb Butter Roll

8561Z085 · UPC 825414592008 · 10/8.8 oz. 


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