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Tai Foong USA is a family owned, Seattle based company that ventures across the world to serve their customers with a constant and consistent supply of the finest, fresh tasting seafood the world has to offer. Tai Foong was founded in 1958 and has been importing seafood to North America since 1977. Fresh seafood is quick frozen to ensure lasting freshness and uncompromised flavor. They are committed to promoting delicious tasting , sustainably produced seafood. Tai Foong USA was the first company to sell the world's first Marine Stewardship Council certified sustainable shrimp. Along with pioneering sustainable practices in aquaculture, Tai Foong USA works with small-scale fishermen to improve fisheries management and methods to become sustainable. Northern Chef & Royal Asia are brands under Tai Foong USA which they are able to bring delicious and exotic flavors. 


Royal Asia 


Boom Boom Shrimp With Sriracha Chili Sauce

W3410330 · UPC 877971005859 · 12/10 oz. 

Prawn Dumplings With Soy Ginger Sauce

W3410310 · UPC 877971000052 · 12/7 oz. 

Seabass Dumpling Soy Ginger Sauce

W3410300 · UPC 877971005835 · 12/7 oz. 

Salt & Pepper Calamari

W3410340 · Gluten Free · UPC 877971005842 · 12/10 oz. 


Shrimp Wonton Soup

W3410750 · UPC 877971006511 · 12/1 lb


Shrimp Wonton

W3410760 · UPC 877971006153 · 12/7.3 oz. 


Crab Ragoon

W3410770 · UPC 877971006672 · 12/6.6 oz.


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