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Orange, New Jersey

Lagniappe Foods offers a different kind of seafood cake. Each seafood cake is made by hand with top quality, real ingredients. Lagniappe’s recipes include 60% seafood, ensuring that each bite will come packed with seafood. This unique product makes for a great addition to a retail seafood case, an appetizer on your menu or an appetizer for a party.

Salmon Cake

Made with the freshest Atlantic salmon available. To insure quality and consistancy, Lagniappe Foods cook the salmon themselves. The salmon is mixed with fresh mashed potato, butter, cream, herbs and spices. 

W2410120 · 16/3 oz.

Cod Cake

The cod is blended with a roasted garlic mashed potato, cream, diced onion and a sprinkle of chives. 

W2410160 · 16/3 oz.

Crawfish Cake

This creole inspiration has lots of "heat" and crawfish meat. The crawfish tails are both chopped and left whole for a varied texture. They are then blended with mayonnaise, cream and a fiery sun dried tomato herb paste. 

W2410200 · 16/3 oz.

Scallop & Shrimp Cake

W2410210 · 16/3 oz.

Crab Cake

For their main ingredient, they use only blue claw crabmeat. Every pound is inspected for quality and shell content. The product is mixed and then portioned and formed by hand to preserve all the delicate pieces of crabmeat. 

W2410310 · 16/3 oz.

Lobster Cake

W2410390 · 16/3 oz.
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