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Orange, New Jersey

Lagniappe Foods offers a different kind of seafood cake. Each seafood cake is made by hand with top quality, real ingredients. Lagniappe’s recipes include 60% seafood, ensuring that each bite will come packed with seafood. This unique product makes for a great addition to a retail seafood case, an appetizer on your menu or an appetizer for a party.

Salmon Cake

W2410120 · 16/3 oz

Cod Cake

W2410160 · 16/3 oz

Crawfish Cake

W2410200 · 16/3 oz

Scallop & Shrimp Cake

W2410210 · 16/3 oz

Crab Cake

W2410310 · 16/3 oz

Lobster Cake

W2410390 · 16/3 oz
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