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Granada, Spain

O-Med is a young and dynamic family company.  They combine their passion for extra virgin olive oil with the work, experience and traditions of their father, Juan de Dios, so as not to forget the family roots of the company.  At O-Med they also own every part of the oils from the trees the olives grow on to the plant in which the oils are produced.  This allows them to keep control of all aspects of the chain from the tree until it is distributed.  O-Med also believes in sustainable practices.  None of the olive goes to waste.  After the oils are pressed from the olives the pits are ground and used for energy to run the farm, then the pomace is used for compost which is then turned into fertilizer for the orchards.

Extra Virgin Olive Oils


Selection Picual

Made from Picual olives grown on a small, sustainable family farm in Granada, the OMED Selection is a robust olive oil, appropriate for most dishes and pairs well with grilled items and full body cheeses.
S0920710 · 9/250 mL White Bottle
S0920400 · 24/250 mL Tin
S0920670 · 9/500 mL White Bottle
S0920730 · 12/1 L Tin




Cold pressed with refreshing notes, minimal bitterness and notes of banana leaf and apple skin. This oil is ideal for finishing white fish, peppery salads or blended with garlic and almonds in an ajo blanco.
S0902710 · 9/250 mL White Bottle
S0920430 · 24/250 mL Tin
S0920700 · 9/500 mL White Bottle
S0920760 · 12/1 L Tin



Molina De La Condesa

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is cold-pressed from early harvest olives and has less than 1 degree of acidity.  The olives are a mixed varietal in this oil.  Food service sizes.
S0920040 · 3/5 L Jug



Chardonnay Vinegar

A single varietal vinegar produced by the Schützenbach method, a slow and careful fermentation method, aged for 12 months in French oak barrels, this crisp and light acidity vinegar retains the unique citrus flavors and richness of Chardonnay grapes.

S1120070 · 9/250 mL
S1120010 · 6/2 L


Cabernet Vinegar

S1120160 · 9/250 mL
S1120100 · 6/2 L

Rose Vinegar

Using the same careful methods as the Chardonnay and Cabernet vinegars, but without the aging process. 2015 Sofi Award Finalist.

S1120035 · 9/250 mL
S1120030 · 6/2 L

Cava Vinegar

O-Med's version of champagne vinegar.  Very clean and bright. Wonderful for more savory applications or anywhere you would prefer a champagne vinegar.

S1120000 · 6/2 L

Apple Cider Vinegar

A quality difference that can be tasted.  Crisp, fruity cider vinegar.


S1120025 · 9/250 mL

S1120020 · 6/2 L

Pedro Ximenez

Tasting of sun-ripened raisins, this Pedro Ximenez vinegar is perfectly balanced with a slight sweetness.  Carefully aged in American oak casks using the Solera method.

S1120175 · 9/250 mL


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