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Abbe Rous Banyuls Vinegar

The French seaside town of Banyuls is the birthplace of Banyuls Vinegar. This is a rare, artisan product that is barrel aged for one year in oak barrels.  This artisinal practice allows the vinegar to age naturally without any sulfites and provides hints of hazelnuts and red fruits. Banyuls Vinegar is rosy-hued and is uncharactaristically smooth.  The vinegar is fabulous for cooking with poultry, game meats or foie gras, or mixed with some grapeseed oil makes a wonderful vinegarette.


Banyuls Vinegar

Abbe Rous vinegar is aged in 220 liter oak-barrels for six years in a storehouse of the vinegar factory. 

O0200240 · UPC 325382810103 · 12/375 mL
O0200245 · 12/750 mL


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