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Westby, Wisconsin

Al Bekkum crafts his European-style traditional butters in small batches from the milk of a farmstead herd of cows living in a Wisconsin prairie grass environment. He uses organic farm-fresh sweet cream to make “Summer Butter” from April to October when cows are on pasture, creating fresh, herby flavors and a sunny yellow color. “Harvest Butter” is crafted with sweet cream from the same dairy herd, nourished from fall to spring by harvested Wisconsin grasses and grains, to create a distinct, intense creamy flavor and color. “Spesiell Kremen” is Nordic Creamery’s Cultured Butter that is only churned at limited times throughout the year from the same farmstead milk supply, and made with his recipe for a European style butter.

Garlic & Basil Butter

Nordic Creamery's butter with dried basil and garlic added.  Add to Italian bread or pasta for an instant side, fabulous on vegetables as well.

Q2100370 · 12/8 oz. · UPC 892393002377

Maple Syrup Butter

Nordic Creamery's rich butter with creamy maple syrup mixed in.  Add to pancakes or waffles in place of butter and syrup. 

Q2100430 · 12/8 oz. · UPC 892393002384

Cinnamon Sugar Butter

Nordic's creamy butter with just the right amount of cinnamon and sugar added.

Q2100400 · 12/8 oz. · UPC 892393002360

Hand-Rolled Butter

Q2100320 · 6/12 oz.

Summer Butter

Available only April to October when the cows are out to pasture.  The butter has a sunny yellow color from the rich pasture grass.  Sweet and light with slighlty herby flavors.

Q2100280 · 6/12 oz. SEASONAL · UPC 892393002186
Q2100220 · 20 lb SEASONAL 

Harvest Butter

The quality is seen in the rich yellow color.  The cows are eating harvested hay and grains in the fall coming thru in their milk.

Q2100310 · 6/12 oz. · UPC 892393002193
Q2100190 · 5 lb SEASONAL 

Unsalted Butter

Q2100190 · 1/10 lb 
Q2100200 · 1/10 lb


Goat Butter

This goat butter brings out the most natural colors and flavors of the butter as influenced by the pastures in the area.  A creamy white in appearance with a smooth taste.

Q2100460 · 6/8 oz. SEASONAL · UPC 892393002247


Cultured Butter with Sea Salt

A rich, cultured butter with nothing but sea salt added.  Unlike other butters, this is made with live cultures. This rich butter boasts 85% butterfat.  Rich and flavorful enough to be used alone as a spread.

Q2100340 · 6/8 oz. · UPC 892393002353


Spesiell Butter

Q2100440 · 6/8 oz. · pre-order only





Grumpy Goat

Aged for a minimum of 12 months, this semi-firm goat’s milk cheddar is a nutty, creamy alternative to cow’s milk cheddar.
Q2100010 · Grumpy Goat ·  Pasteurized Goat’s Milk · Semi-Firm · Log · 5 lb
Q2100540 · Grumpy Goat ·  Pasteurized Goat’s Milk · Semi-Firm · 8 oz.


Nordic Creamery’s signature cheese, Capriko, a semi-hard cheese with a smooth, sweet, nutty flavor. It’s made in a process similar to cheddar. It’s a natural rind, cave-aged cheese and comes both plain and naturally smoked.
Q2100070 · Capriko · Pasteurized Cow and Goat’s Milk cheese · Semi-Firm · Log · 5 lb 
Q2100590 · Capriko · Pasteurized Cow and Goat’s Milk cheese · Semi-Firm · 8 oz.
Q2100100 · Smoked Capriko · Pasteurized Cow and Goat’s Milk cheese · Semi-Firm · Log · 5 lb
Q2100580 · Smoked Capriko · Pasteurized Cow and Goat’s Milk cheese · Semi-Firm · 8 oz. 

Goat Cheddar

Q2100650 · Goat Cheddar · Goat's Milk · Semi-Firm · 8 oz. 

Smoked Cheddar

Q2100040 · Smoked Cheddar · Pasteurized Goat's Milk · Semi-Firm · Log · 5 lb


Q2100680 · Sheep's Milk · Semi-Soft · 16/6 oz.

Nordic's Wisconsin Version of Parmesan

Q2100160 · Wisconsin Parmesan · Pasteurized Cow's Milk · Firm · Wheel · 5 lb
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