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Eggs from hens raised on Amish and Mennonite farms that have all been certified by Humane Farm Animal Care. The farmers follow strict standards that far exceed the industry norms. Started in 1997 with the idea that producing organic eggs could be a way to keep small farms in the Kalona, Iowa area sustainable, Farmers' Hen House is a family run business working with area family farmers.


Organic Eggs

USDA Certified Organic eggs.  These hens are fed a 100% organic non-GMO diet and given access to the outdoors. Grown on area sustainable Amish and Mennonite family farms, most of the farmers grow their own organic grains as feed for the hens as well.

O4500100 · Grade A Jumbo · UPC 635475111151 · 12 dozen/case · Preorder
O4500200 · Grade A Large 6 Pack · UPC 634575111373 · 18/half dozen/case
O4500300 · Grade A Free-Range Large Brown · UPC 635475111120 · 15 dozen/case
O4520000 · Grade A Large Brown Bulk · 15 dozen · preorder
O4520050 · Grade A Medium Brown Bulk · 15 dozen · preorder


Cage Free Eggs

Cage free hens enjoy the freedom to roam and never see a cage.  The hens live in barns that are wide and open with perches, roomy nests, dust bathing areas and lots of fresh air and sunlight. They eat a high quality conventionaly grown diet, formulated by local feed companies, which never include animal byproducts, antibiotics or hormones.

O4510100 · Omega-3 Large Brown · UPC 635475421120 · 15 dozen/case
O4510120 · Large Brown · UPC 635475182342 · 15 dozen/case
O4530000 · Large Brown Bulk · 15 dozen 
O4530050 · Large White Bulk · 15 dozen · Preorder

Available by preorder for foodservice

O4530060 · Cage Free Hard Cooked Eggs · 4/5 lb bags (48 eggs per bag)
O4530070 · Cage Free Liquid Eggs · 2/20 lb bag in box




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