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Norwalk, Iowa

La Quercia was started by Herb and Kathy Eckhouse to create premium quality American prosciutto - a passion that grew after three and a half years living in Parma, Italy in the late 1980s.  Inspired by the bounty available in their home region of Iowa, they started curing hams in their Des Moines basement. Ten years later they still salt, turn and trim each piece by hand in their Norwalk, Iowa aging facility.  All products are fully dry cured and ready to eat.  The products contain only pork, sea salt, and organic spices in a few varieties.  No nitrates, nitrites or substitutes are used in the whole muscle meats.  The majority of the meat used comes from within 200 miles of the La Quercia aging rooms from farms that raise their animals humanely without sub-therapeutic antibiotics.



'Nduja Americana

A spicy rich prosciutto spread packed with an umami flavor.  Made with fully cured prosciutto and speck along with sea salt and red chili peppers.

Y2500050 · UPC 824843119015 · 12/4 oz.


Pancetta Americana

Herbal, meaty and rich.    Made from the belly of the hog, this dry cured cut can be eaten with or without cooking. It is cured for 2 months and the white pepper, rosemary and bay leaf are given time to meld their flavors with the wonderful pork.  

Y2500100 · Flat · 4 lb
Y2500071 · Sliced · UPC 824843211085 · 12/2 oz.


Prosciutto Speck Americano

Smoked prosciutto with an earthy, rich, sweet flavor with a light applewood aroma and flavor. Smoked over real applewood then aged 9-12 months.

Y2500110 · Whole · UPC 824843311412 · 2/7.5 lb
Y2500130 · Sliced · Berkshire · UPC824843319088 · 12/2 oz.


Prosciutto Americano

Prosciutto with an earthy, rich, deep and sweet taste.  It has been aged for 9-12 months giving it it's flavor balance of salty and sweet and wonderful smooth and creamy texture.  

Y2500170 · Sliced ·  Berkshire · UPC 824843111118 · 12/2 oz.
Y2500171 · Sliced · UPC 824843119084 · 12/2 oz. · PRE-ORDER 
Y2500174 · 4/1 lb.

Acorn Prosciutto

Y2500150 · 2/8 lb.

Salami Americano

Y2500037 · UPC 824843711172 · 12/3 oz. · PRE-ORDER


Prosciutto Piccante

La Quercia's prosciutto aged 9-12 months with sea salt, fennel and red chili.  After aging the flavor of the spices have combined with the rich meat creating a wonderful flavor that is slightly spicy.

Y2500190 · Sliced · Berkshire ·UPC824843319088 · 12/2 oz. · PRE-ORDER

Guanciale Americano

The jowl is seasoned with sea salt, rosemary and pepper then aged 2 months. The high collagen content bestows a silky quality to soups and sauces.

Y2500200 · 4 lb

Coppa Americano

Y2500134 · Sliced · UPC 824843120691 · 12/2 oz. 

Jambon Americano

La Quercia's interpretation on a French charcuterie classic. 

Y2500202 · Spicy · Sliced · UPC 824843120615 · 12/4 oz. 

Y2500204 · Sweet & Spicy · Sliced · UPC 824843120622 · 12/4 oz. 

Y2500206 · Honey & Herb · Sliced · UPC 824843120639 · 12/4 oz.

Y2500570 · Black Pepper & Cherry · Sliced · UPC 824843120646 · 12/4 oz. 

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