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Brooklyn Cured

Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn Cured is based on the cross-cultural traditions of salting, stuffing and smoking meat to preserve it and make it taste amazing.  Bringing the spirit of the Italian-American pork shops, French charcuterie shops and New York delicatessens to everyone, they make everything by hand. There are no antibiotics, no nitrites or nitrates, no added hormones are in the meat used. 




Smoked Coppa

Coppa inspired by Cajun-style tasso ham with tasso spice.

Y2700020 · 6/2 lb


Dry cured beef top-round seasoned with porcini mushrooms

Y2700010 · 6/2 lb
Y2700210 · Sliced · UPC 095225849374 · 12/3 oz



This is how we do in Brooklyn. Honey-brined beef coated with a coriander crust is smoked for 5 hours until it's just tender. It's great for slicing thin and serving on cold or hot sandwiches. Now's the time to break out your favorite sour pickles.

Y2700060 · 4/2 lb

Lamb Prosciutto

We make it by curing boneless leg of lamb with smoked paprika, red wine, garlic, and a hint of spice. It pairs well with olives and preserved lemon. This boneless, rolled format has the diameter of a coppa or lonza, which makes it easy to slice and display.

Y2700100 · 5/2 lb

Sliced Smoked Beef Salami

Y2700250 · UPC 095225849404 · 12/3 oz

Sliced Finocchiona

Y2700220 · UPC 095225849596 · 12/3 oz



Sliced Hot Soppressata

Y2700230 · UPC 095225849589 · 12/3 oz

Sliced Sweet Soppressata

Y2700240 · UPC 095225849572 · 12/3 oz

Sliced Spicy Beef Salami

Y2700255 · UPC748528767912 · 12/3 oz

Sliced Chorizo



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