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Brooklyn Cured

Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn Cured is based on the cross-cultural traditions of salting, stuffing and smoking meat to preserve it and make it taste amazing.  Bringing the spirit of the Italian-American pork shops, French charcuterie shops and New York delicatessens to everyone, they make everything by hand. There are no antibiotics, no nitrites or nitrates, no added hormones are in the meat used. 




Smoked Coppa

Emilia-Romagna meets the Big Easy. Pork collar is the cut of meat classically used for Italian-style coppa as well as Cajun-style smoked tasso ham, so we decided to combine the two. We cure the pork with tasso ham spices before we smoke and hang it for one month. Slice it thinly as you would any salumi, and serve with robust cheeses, pickled vegetables and green olives.
Y2700020 · 6/2 lb




We just made this salumi staple of Lombardy that much better. Dry-cured beef top round is elegant and lean, but when seasoned with porcini mushrooms and black pepper, its flavor gets funky and deep. It's all about the umami with this one. Slice thinly and serve with arugula, Parmigianno, and nice olive oil.
Y2700010 · 6/2 lb



This is how we do in Brooklyn. Honey-brined beef coated with a coriander crust is smoked for 5 hours until it's just tender. It's great for slicing thin and serving on cold or hot sandwiches. Now's the time to break out your favorite sour pickles.
Y2700060 · 4/2 lb



Brooklyn Cured's Bresaola is a classic Italian delicacy seasoned with herbs and spices. It's just like a prosciutto but it's made with beef instead of pork. It's ideal for snacking, sandwiches and salads dressed with olive oil and lemon.
Y2700160 · Sliced · UPC 748528767646 · 12/3 oz.


Spicy Bresaola with Calabrian Chili

Calabrian chili peppers give our Spicy Bresaola personality and flavor unlike any other. It's just like a spicy version of prosciutto but it's made with beef instead of pork. Great on charcuterie boards, sandwiches, and as a snack any time of day.
Y2700162 · Sliced · UPC 748528767684 · 12/3 oz.


Smoked Beef Salami

Brooklyn Cured's Smoked Beef Salami is is inspired by the history and culture of New York City delis. It's naturally smoked and seasoned with our favorite deli spices. It's great for snacking on the run, sandwiches, or eating with your favorite mustard and pickles.
Y2700170 · UPC 095225849404 · Sliced · 12/3 oz.


Sliced Finocchiona

 Finocchiona has its origins in Tuscany during the Renaissance. We like to think of our version as part of a salami Renaissance, so it's quite fitting! This pork salami is made with fennel pollen, which makes it a refreshing addition to any charcuterie board or sandwich.
Hot: The flavor profile of this spicy pork salami is the essence of the Italian-American neighborhood where we grew up in Brooklyn. It’s got heat and depth, as it’s seasoned with chili flakes, black pepper, and garlic.
Y2700164 · UPC 095225849596 · 12/3 oz.



Sliced Hot Soppressata

Y2700166 · UPC 095225849589 · 12/3 oz.

Sliced Sweet Soppressata

This mild pork salami has an authentic flavor inspired by the salami that hang from the ceilings of the great Italian delis in New York City. The flavor profile is sweet and classic: black pepper and a hint of garlic.
Y2700168 · UPC 095225849572 · 12/3 oz.


Sliced Spicy Beef Salami

Brooklyn Cured's Spicy Beef Salami brings the heat along with some big beefy flavor. It's a special salami seasoned with paprika, black pepper, and garlic. It's naturally smoked, which makes it the perfect pepperoni upgrade!
Y2700172 · UPC 748528767912 · 12/3 oz.


Sliced Chorizo

Brooklyn Cured's dry-cured chorizo is bold, flavorful, and fun. It's seasoned with smoked paprika, cayenne, and red wine, and it's beyond addictive. It's got a little bit of heat, but it's not over the top. It's a versatile salami to be enjoyed in paella, as a pizza topping, or just paired with some Manchego and a nice Rioja.
Y2700174 · UPC 748528767929 · 12/3 oz. 


Bourbon Sour Cherry Salami

This unique pork salami is inspired by a classic Manhattan cocktail with bourbon and a maraschino cherry garnish. Bourbon's sweet smoky flavors are a great complement to pork, and the cherries add complexity with their tart and fruity notes.
Y2700150 · UPC 748529767479 ·12/5 oz.


Belgian Ale Lemon Salami

This pork salami is inspired by the great beer gardens of Belgium and Germany, where ales are garnished with lemon wedges. We use a citrus-forward Belgian ale to give the salami a deep malty flavor. Lemon zest and a hint of ginger add brightness to this new American classic.
Y2700152 · UPC 748528767486 · 12/5 oz.


Rye Whiskey Orange Salami

A classic Old Fashioned garnished with an orange twist is the inspiration for this fresh new take on a whiskey salami. Rye whiskey, orange zest, and warm spices add a depth of flavor and brightness to this pork salami.
Y2700154 · UPC 748528767493 · 12/5 oz.


Mezcal & Lime Salami

Mezcal's rise in popularity is understandable; it's like tequila's smoky cousin. The smoke and depth of this spirit makes for a delicious salami that will impress your friends and family. The flavor profile is a perfect fit with pork: smoke, lime, coriander (cilantro), and garlic.
Y2700156 · UPC 748528767509 · 12/5 oz. 


Za'atar Salami with Lamb

Our love of Mediterranean food inspired this salami. Za'atar is a seasoning blend of herbs and spices that complements lamb, and it's delicious in salami. We add a bit of cane cola for a hint of sweetness to balance all the flavors.
Y2700158 · UPC 748528767515 · 12/5 oz.


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