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Nuestro Queso

Rosemont, Illinois

Nuestro Questo means "Our Cheese" in Spanish.  This Illinois based company was founded in 2009 bringing us the freshest, high quality Hispanic style cheeses made with locally sourced Illinois and Iowa cow's milk.  Since opening they have been winning numerous awards for their cheeses and creams.



Queso Fresco 

A white cheese that is very soft, mild in flavor with a crumbly texture.

Q9000500 · 2/5 lb.
Q9000010 · UPC 814633011001 ·12/10 oz.

Para Fundir 

Soft cow's milk cheese that is yellow. Primarily used as a melting cheese for stuffing and baking.

Q9000030 · Round · UPC 814633010936 · 12/10 oz.
Q9000040 · Shredded · UPC 814633010837 · 18/7 oz.



A mild, buttery and slightly salty Mexican melting cheese.

Q9000050 · Shredded · UPC 814633010622 · 12/8 oz.
Q9000520 · Ball · 4/5 lb.
Q9000070 · Ball · UPC 814633010516 · 12/10 oz.



A Mexican style aged cheese with a sharp and salty flavor.  Very dry and crumbly.

Q9000090 · Tub · UPC 8146330133557 · 12/5 oz.
Q9000110 · Wedge · UPC 814633013371 · 12/10 oz.
Q9000530 · Quarter · 10 lb.



A white fresh cheese with a smooth flavor and a soft and creamy texture.

Q9000130 · UPC 814633018031 · 12/10 oz.


Para Freir

A mild white cheese that maintains its consistency and shape when fried or grilled.

Q9000150 · Square · UPC 814633012459 · 12/10 oz.




Smooth and creamy cheese that has a moderately sharp flavor.  Melts easily for use in a variety of dishes.

Q9000510 · Shredded · 4/5 lb.


Crema Mexicana

Fresh and buttery, slightly salty, cultured cream.  Popular topping for flautas, tostadas, gorditas, enchiladas and fresh fruit.

Q9000525 · Tub · 12/1 lb.