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Salmon, Wild Yukon Keta

The Yukon River in Alaska produces a premium quality Chum Salmon that is exceptional.  The Yukon River is the longest salmon producing river in the world. Keta Salmon are biologically programmed to store high fat reserves to sustain them over the 2300 mile journey upstream to spawn.  Salmon are netted at the beginning of the spawning run to capture them at the peak level of oil content. In fact, Keta from the Yukon River have 3-4 times the oil content than chum salmon from any other region.  They also have the most Omega-3 fatty acids of any salmon species.

The community owned Kwik-pak Fisheries is the only seafood company in the world that has been chosen for membership in the Fair Trade Federation.  Their fisheries are sustainable and certified by the Marine Stewardship Council

The flesh of the Keta is a deep orange to the reddish color of Sockeye Salmon.  It is succulent and rivals the rich, buttery flavor of King Salmon. Keta has a mild to moderate salmon flavor and is the best natural source for Omega-3 fish oil.

The Yupik people, their traditions and history are a unique and very positive story that is worth supporting.  Yukon River Keta Salmon is the best value for salmon and is seasonally available from June to September.

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