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Tilapia, Regal Springs

Regal Springs operates Tilapia farms in fresh water lakes in Northwest Honduras and Mexico. These lakes are selected for their superior water quality and ecological standards. This lake method is superior to pond raised tilapia, because the water quality is cleaner and remains more consistent throughout the fishes’ life cycle. Other farms, with their fish populations crowded in small ponds accumulate fish waste, so their fish taste is more prone to off flavors. In Regal Springs lake cages, the waste is diluted over thousands of acres of water and consumed naturally by wild plants and sea life, therefore the lake is always in balance and the fish taste remains consistent. The farms are also run on 100% “fish-anol” which is a bio-diesel made from the carcasses of the Tilapia after it is filleted. There is also enough to provide fuel and electricity to support the local communities, which did not have electricity prior to Regal Springs arriving. Their social responsibility to the community extends to supporting numerous rural schools and giving 10% of their production to the local communities as a valuable source of protein. Regal Springs is ASC certified, BAP certified and certified organic in Europe by Naturland and BioStandard. Tilapia fillets are white to pinkish white and may have a thin layer of darker muscle tissue just below the skin side in the raw state. Regal Springs Tilapia cooks up white in color with a mild “non-muddy” taste and a slightly firm, flakey texture. Regal Springs Tilapia is not treated with Carbon Monoxide. Regal Springs Tilapia is grown in open pen lake cages. The Tilapia are fed a high-protein pellet feed. They use 100% floating feed that stays in the cages, which equals 100% eaten feed. The feed ratio is 1:1 on production to consumption of fish meal. 

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