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Swai, also known by its genus name Pangasius, is a farm raised freshwater river catfish from Vietnam. Swai are hearty fish that grow quickly and consume a mostly vegetarian diet. The fish can breathe air through its mouth making it adaptable to growing conditions with low oxygen levels. The fish have a shiny, iridescent scale less skin. Swai when cooked has a very white moist meat with a sweet mild flavor and delicate texture. This product is all natural, no additives or chemicals. Swai is a versatile fish, adaptable to any number of cooking methods. Swai is sustainably pond raised in Vietnam. The water quality of each pond is carefully monitored at the inflow and effluent. Swai are fed a low protein diet, mainly vegetarian soy, wheat, rice, and bran. It takes approximately 6-7 months for fish to reach market size. Fish conversion ratio is between 1.4 and 1.6. The fish are hand selected and hand filleted, then are individually flash frozen by a proprietary method preserving the fresh quality.
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