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Sea Bream, Red

Red Sea Bream, Pagrus spp., belongs to the Sparidae family including Porgy, Madai, Sea bream. It lives in water with a depth of more than 250 meters. It has a characteristically large head, a curved back profile, a stumpy snout and a strong relatively wide mouth. It is red on the back, whereas its sides are pinkish silver and its belly is white silver. It is usually found in the Eastern and Western Atlantic Regions as well as in the Mediterranean.  The Bream is being farmed in the pristine waters of the Ionion Sea on the western coast of Greece.  The farm is fully vertically integrated. The Greek hatchery has achieved the highest productivity in the Mediterranean region. With the use of biological filters, they have developed a water recycling system, which protects the fry from various diseases, reducing water consumption and minimizing environmental impact. The fish are fed a nutritious fishmeal and fish oil diet derived from fish harvested from certified fisheries. The feed is GMO-free.  

These fish are raised to approximately 2 pounds.  The meat is sweet with a medium flake. 

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