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Salmon, Farmed - Irish Organic

Atlantic Salmon is a silver-skinned fish with distinct dark blue-green, cross-like spots over the body and head, and above the lateral line. The underside of the fish is nearly all white and its flesh color ranges from pink to deep orange. Atlantic Salmon is Native to the East Coast of the United States and Europe. Farm-raised Organic Atlantic Salmon from Ireland is raised in sea farms in Clare Island, Co. Mayo, Bantry Bay and Kenmare Bay, in large low-density pens.

The flesh is firm, moist, and oily and has a large moist flake. It has a mild flavor and is very versatile in raw and cooking applications. Irish Organic Salmon has a good fat content and clean taste.

Irish Organic Salmon complies with the following organic aquaculture production regulations and standards: Naturland, Bio Suisse, Irish Certified Quality Salmon Organic Standard, and EU Organic regulations. Accreditation from an organic body means that the farm implements high welfare standards, including welfare and conservation of the environment. The criteria that must be met include but are not limited to: no GMO’s, the use of natural processes and substances and mechanical methods over chemicals. 



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