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Rougheye, Washington Coast

Washington Coast Rougheye is a deepwater rockfish named because of the spines found on their lower eyelid. It is believed to be one of the longest-lived of all fish in the northeast Pacific. They are often bright reddish-pink or tan with irregular patches of brown color. The Rougheyes inhabit areas from San Diego to the Aleutian Islands and the Bering Sea to the Kamchatka Peninsula and Japan. Their diet consists primarily of shrimp, but they also feed on fish, crab and other small crustaceans. Rougheye have a lean flesh that is pinkish in color when raw. The meat is firm and flaky in texture but holds together well with any cooking method. It has a sweet and mild flavor. Washington Coast Rougheye are caught using hook and line, trawl or longline. Rougheye are managed as part of the West Coast groundfish fishery which NOAA Fisheries and the Pacific Fishery Management Council carefully oversee. 

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