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Red Mullet

Also known as the Striped Goatfish or Rouget Barbet, the Red Mullet can be found in the coastal waters off the coast of West Africa. Despite their name "mullet" these fish are not closely related to the many other species called mullet. The skin is an iridescent mix of orange, red-gold, and rose pink. Usually reaching 150-250g, the Red Mullet is highly prized in the Mediterranean region. Red Mullet are rich in fat with delicate meat that resembles great shellfish in flavor. Cooked whole, they can deliver flavor profiles similar to sweet shrimp, oysters, and good scallops. The liver of red mullet is a popular dish in many European countries. It has a creamy texture similar to chicken liver. Red Mullet can be prepared a variety of wayspan-fried, grilled or steamed. The bones also make excellent stock. The delicate pale pink flesh works well with strong flavors like Spanish olives. The Red Mullet is usually caught by gillnets, trammel nets and bottom trawls.

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