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Plaice, American (Sand Dab)

American Plaice, also referred to as Sand Dab, is a right-handed flatfish found in deep water on both sides of the Atlantic. Fortune sources Plaice from the East coast of the U.S. and Canada. It has a pointed nose, large mouth and rounded tail, unlike the forked tail of Atlantic Halibut. Their coloration ranges from reddish to greyish brown on top and pure to blueish white below.
The cooked meat is pure white, lean and flaky with a mild flavor. Fillets are very delicate, sweet and dense . They hold together well in heavy sauces.

Plaice is primarily caught by trawlers. They can also be harvested with gillnets, seines and hook and line. There are several regulations for the different flatfish, which results in different species being available at different times.

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