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Bluenose belongs to the Centrolophidae (Butterfish) family and has shiny blue/black sides which fade to silver on the belly. They have a characteristic blunt snout, low-set eyes and a large mouth, giving them a rather unique appearance. Scales are somewhat small compared to other bass. They are caught in deep water off the coast of New Zealand. They tend to inhabit areas on the outer shelf and upper slope of rough, rocky ocean floor, and congregate around seamounts and offshore reefs. Bluenose is by far New Zealand’s most famous bass export, with insatiable demand for this fish in overseas markets, especially Australia and the USA. Bluenose has medium-firm texture, with a large succulent flake. The fillets are a nice white color and have good Omega-3 content resulting in a distinct buttery flavor. Bluenose is managed by quota system, and are caught by longlines and handlines off the coast of the Southern Pacific Ocean, New Zealand and Australia.

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