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Barramundi, Malaysia

Barramundi is a type of seabass that’s native to Australia and the Indo-Pacific. Barramundi is Aboriginal for “largescaled silver fish” and is internationally renowned for its deliciousness and versatility. Barramundi is a high quality alternative to species such as Seabass, Groupers and Snappers. As a species that is naturally predisposed to sustainable farming, Barramundi is able to thrive on small amounts of wild fish meal due to its durability and adaptability to vegetarian feed in an aquaculture environment.  Barramundi from Malaysia is a sustainably produced, clean tasting, white-flesh fish. Barramundi is a lean, protein and Omega-3 rich species that is perfect for the center of the plate. The high levels of Omega -3 ensure moisture throughout the flesh even after being cooked, and when pan-sautéed or grilled, the skin-on fillet crisps beautifully for added texture. Barramundi is prized for its sweet, buttery taste and delicate texture. This Barramundi is farm raised in strategically placed, low density net pens located in the clean waters of Pulau Pangkor in Malaysia, where the strong ocean currents and ample space to swim freely within the pen, greatly enhance the physical condition and flavor of the fish. These farming methods also produce a fillet size bigger than most others, resulting in a thicker, juicier portion, that also allows for great portion control. 

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