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Blue Crab

The blue or swimming crab is named for the blue tinges on its shell and blue patches on its legs. The males have blue claws and the females have orange-tips on their claws. Blue crabs are sold as both hard shell and soft shell. The crab has rear flippers that propel the crab through the water and its Latin name is Callinectes sapidus or savory beautiful swimmer. Blue crab is found domestically from Cape Cod to the Gulf of Mexico. They are also imported from Asia. Most blue crab is sold as picked meat, because of the labor involved in removing it.


The Chesapeake Bay has traditionally been the largest source of blue crabs in the US, however the Gulf States have increased their production over the years. Fortune is the exclusive Midwest distributor of Pontchartrain Domestic Blue Crab. Pontchartrain Blue Crab a domestic seafood processor with a primary focus on quality crab products. They are located on the shore of Lake Pontchartrain (Southeast Louisiana) and purchase live blue crabs from local Louisiana fishermen. This premium domestic crab meat is steamed and hand-picked daily at their facility in Slidell, LA.  The Blue Crab Fishery in Louisiana is MSC certified.

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