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Barramundi, Australis

Barramundi is a type of seabass that’s native to Australia and the Indo-Pacific. Barramundi is Aboriginal for “largescaled silver fish” and is internationally renowned for its deliciousness and versatility. Australis is a recognized leader in sustainable aquaculture thorough its pioneering practices in recirculating technology. Barramundi is prized for its sweet, buttery taste and delicate texture. Its moderate fat content makes it virtually impossible to overcook. Barramundi is also packed with heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Australis grows a delicious, fresh and authentically Australian fish that many compare to wild Barramundi. Australis raises Barramundi without the use of hormones or antibiotics in an indoor closed system tanks in Turner Falls, Massachusetts and in their hybrid farm system in Van Phong Bay, Vietnam. In Massachusetts, hatchery-raised fingerlings are grown to perfectly portion-sized fish which are harvested to order. A patented water filtration process, and crystal-clear resting pools result in the freshest and best tasting fish you will encounter. In Vietnam, their hybrid farming system consists of on-land nursery tanks and offshore marine net pens. Both farms have earned a Best Choice rating by Monterey Bay’s Seafood Watch program.