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Barramundi, The Better Fish

Van Phong Bay, Vietnam

The Better Fish® Barramundi is a succulent, Fair Trade-certified white fish that is easy like salmon and elevated like sea bass. It’s mild and buttery flavor, exceptional nutritional value, and versatility has made it the fastest growing white fish species in the U.S. according to Datassential. Our Barramundi are thoughtfully nurtured in the pristine ocean waters of Van Phong Bay, Vietnam, humanely harvested, intelligently processed to maximize quality and consistency while minimizing waste and carbon footprint. Every package of The Better Fish creates economic benefits for workers and coastal communities, enhances global food security, protects wild fisheries, and builds climate resilience.


Barramundi (Lates calcarifer) is a saltwater white fish native to the tropical Indo-Pacific waters and is iconic in Australian and Southeast Asian cuisine. Barramundi are highly valued as a commercial and recreational fishing species and are considered particularly well suited for aquaculture. Barramundi have evolved to thrive on a predominantly plant-based diet while still being able to form long-chain fatty acids which provide important human health benefits.


Greener Grazing

To complement its efforts in sustainable fish production, Australis is also tackling climate change through Greener Grazing, an ambitious one-of-a-kind initiative to cultivate a red seaweed with the potential to virtually eliminate enteric methane emissions from livestock when included in their diet.
Methane released from livestock is responsible for almost four and a half gigatons of CO2 equivalent every year. If successful, Greener Grazing has the potential to dramatically reduce methane emissions from the world’s two billion cattle – one of the single most effective strategies to reduce global warming in the near term and support COP26 goals to limit global warming to one and a half degrees Celsius.

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