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Top Note Tonic

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Top Note Tonics are premium tonic and mixer concentrates with inspiration from European style mixers. The flavors, when mixed with seltzer water, create traditional botanical tonics that make excellent aperitivo soft drinks.  Top Note Tonic concentrates are made with whole herbs and spices, many organic, real cane sugars, and citric acid to create their flavors. No artificial colors or preservatives are used, with 1/2 the sugar content in standard mixers and ginger beers, and gluten free. The tonic and ginger beer concentrates are made in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, home of many famous breweries.  Their founder, who spent 20 years in quality and product development in the brewing industry, applies brewing knowledge and sensibility to flavor to make balanced, complex beverage concentrates that have exceptional mixing versatility.


Indian Tonic Ready-to-Drink

Tonic with grapefuit peel and three types of botanical bitters.  The IPA of tonics.

U4491330 · UPC 854967007035 · 6/4/8.5 oz.
U4491520 · Bag-in-Box · 3 Gallon



Bitter Lemon Ready-to-Drink

This tonic is a drier, more mature version of classic tonic with flavors of the whole ingredients shining through.

U4491320 · UPC 854967007028 · 6/4/8.5 oz.
U4491510 · Bag-in-Box · 3 Gallon



Ginger Beer Ready-to-Drink

Deep in color and ginger flavor, and low in sugar.  Made from dried plums with Belgian sugar creating the amber color of this concentrate.

U4491340 · UPC 854967007004 · 6/4/8.5 oz.
U4491550 · UPC 854967007080 · 12/25 oz.
U4491530 · Bag-in-Box · 3 Gallon



Classic Tonic Sparkling Mixer

A classic flavor for entertaining, pairing perfectly with Gin and Vodka.  Distinctive and clean lemon-lime quench while being lower in sugar with a balanced bitterness. 

U4491540 · UPC 854967007103 · 12/25 oz.



Grapefruit Sparkling Mixer

Made with 17% real grapefruit juice, this sparkling mixer mixes well with a wide array of spirits and is distinctly tart with a hint of sweetness.

U4491560 · UPC 854967007110 · 12/25 oz.