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In 2013, the people at Èsse set out to find the best organic lemons they could find in the US, as well as the highest quality premium spring water.  They believe that nothing but the best should be in their bottles of lemon water, no flavors, no concentrates, no preservatives, just real fruit straight from Mother Earth.  Focusing on finding an organic lemon that proves a flavorful balance in acidity and sweetness, the result is a USDA certified organic lemon with no GMOs or pesticides used during the farming process.  The lemons are hand-picked and juiced immediately for freshness - you may see traces of pulp in the bottle. They have now expanded to include blood orange water, using the same methods as for the lemon water and sourcing only the best blood oranges.


Èsse Unsweetened Lemon Water

O3186031 · UPC 860065001936 · 12/14 oz.

Èsse Unsweetened Blood Orange Water

O3186053 · UPC 860065001943 · 12/14 oz.

Èsse Unsweetened Grapefruit Water

O3186058 · UPC 860065001912 · 12/14 oz.




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