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Dark Matter Coffee

Chicago, Illinois




Black Splash

A psychadelic dreamscape in a can.  A mind bending experience of fruity and voluptuous flavors.

O3530000 · UPC 857325004691 · 24/8 oz.

Brown Acid

This electrifying force begins with a selection of hops layered onto their house cold coffee. 

O3530010 · UPC 857325004707 · 24/8 oz.

Vanilla Suburbs

A lavish and decadent concotion of coffee, vanilla and cocoa.  This brew will delight with explosive vanilla and cocoa flavors.

O3530020 · UPC 857325004684 · 24/8 oz.

Chocolate City

The center of their coffee cold galaxy exists the skeleton of perfection. Minimalistic, psychedelegence in a can.

O3530030 · UPC 857325004677 · 24/8 oz


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