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Tuna, Albacore

Found worldwide in tropical and temperate waters, including the Mediterranean, it is the only tuna species labeled as “white meat” in the United States. Known for its distinguished dark blue back and silver-white underside,  Albacore can reach 5 feet long and weigh almost 90 pounds.  The average weight caught commercially is 20 pounds.  Albacore run in schools and are caught by hook and line, long line, trolling, or purse seining far out in the oceans.  Typically, once brought on board the tuna is stunned, cut and put into chilled water to bleed and cool before being placed on freezer trays to be frozen.  The fish are frozen as fast as possible to -30 °C and stored at that temperature until the fish is brought to shore.  Once at shore they are transferred to commercial freezers and maintained at the coldest temperature.  Fresh Albacore Tuna is available seasonally from June until late Fall with the peak season occurring in September.  The lightest colored meat of any tuna, the flesh is pink and translucent when raw turning off-white when cooked.  This mild tasting fish has a soft texture and can be grilled, broiled, or pan fried.  It is also very popular served raw, sashimi style.  It is important to not overcook tuna as it quickly loses its flavor and moisture.  

The U.S. North and South Pacific albacore pole and line and troll fisheries are MSC certified sustainable.

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