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Opera Strip Cake

7 layer cake (Jaconde biscuit, butter cream and chocolate ganache).  14.6"x3.2"x1.6" yielding about 8 servings.

8561Z075 · 6/24 oz

Exotic Petits Fours

A selection of lighter mini pastries with exotic fruits and unique shapes.

8561Z062 · 144 ct (3 trays of 48 ct)

Prestige Petits Fours

Assortment of 8 different petits fours, hand finished for wonderful presentation.  Assorment includes 6 Chocolate Square, Chocolate Sauce & Ginger; 6 Chocolate & Pistachio Squares; 6 Cranberry Cheesecake; 6 Chocolate Cake, Toffee Ganache & Chocolate Macaroon; 6 Pistachio Sponge Cake, Morello Cherry Puree & Semi-Candied Cherry; 6 Chestnut Ingots; 6 Chocolate Cups & Red Fruits.

8561Z060 · 144 ct


Authentic churros made in Spain.  Come frozen and raw so they are ready to create delicious and crunchy churros for your customers.

8561Z605 · Raw, Traditional Spanish Churros · 8/1.1 lb

Filled Churros

Approximately 4.33" (4.13"-4.53") in length and approximately 1" in thickness.  Tasty, crispy and natural, imported from Spain.

8561Z610 · Chocolate Hazelnut Filled · 4/4 lb
8561Z620 · Caramel Filled · 4/4 lb


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