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Handmade artisan bread that is frozen and ready to thaw and use. 









Sprouted Multigrain Sliced

Made with a perfected formula of whole wheat and sprouted grains.  Starting with a natural sourdough starter and finished with sunflower, sesame and flax seeds results in a bread bursting with flavor, texture and heartiness.  Presliced in 5/8" slices.

W1771053 · Sliced · 10/32 oz. 

Marble Rye Sliced

A delicious combination of dark pumpernickel and white rye.  Presliced in hearty 5/8" slices.

W1771054 · Sliced · 10/48 oz.

Gourmet Sesame Buns

Baked using 100% natural cane sugar and GMO free.  This sesame seed topped bun is engineered to handle different burgers or versatile enough for breakfast jams.

W1771057 · 90/3 oz.

Country Sourdough Sliced

A rustic bread with a crisp, crackly crust, moist interior and dusted with flour.  They use organic and Illinois grown wheat to create a mild sour flavor.  Sliced in 5/8" slices, this loaf is sturdy enough to work toasted or grilled panini style.

W1771058 · Sliced · 10/32 oz.

Pretzel Sub Solid Buns

These soft pretzel sub buns are great for sub sandwiches and bratwursts.  Their distinctive texture and flavor complement many varieties of sandwich fillings.

W1771066 · 72/4.5 oz.

Pain au Levain Sliced

A rustic bread with a crisp, crackly crust, moist honeycombed interior and dusted with flour.  Sturdy enough to work toasted or grilled panini style.  Sliced in 5/8" slices.

W1771075 · Sliced · 7/3 lb 

Supreme Rye Slice

Packed with an intense and complex flavor profile that combines sweet, nutty and sour.  Robust and unique.  Sliced in 5/8" slices and topped with sesame and poppy seeds.

W1771076 · 7/3 lb 

Cracked Wheat Ciabatta

This ciabatta is a blend of durum and wheat flours, giving it a soft porous structure and delicate flavor.  This has a thin crust topped with baby oats.

W1771080 · 60/4 oz.

Ciabatta Sal e Olio

A soft porous inside to these ciabattas comes from a blend of durum and wheat flours.  A beautiful thin crust is topped with extra virgin olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt.

W1771081 · 60/4 oz.

Triangle Olive Bun

A delicious artisan sandwich bread studded with fresh Kalamata and Agrinion olives.  Excellent with soups or any Mediterranean-inspired meal.  Fresh rosemary adds an additional herbal flavor.

W1771082 · 60/3.75 oz.
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