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Red Bear Provisions

Mundelein, Illinois

All natural artisan dry salamis handcrafted using Eastern European traditions and recipes. The determination of handcrafting premium Angus beef and salamis has resulted in flavorful, authentic meats.



Holy Cow!

All beef dry salami with garlic and sea salt using an authentic Eastern European recipe. Finished with an all natural hardwood smoke.

Y1300010 · UPC 858633007114 · 12/6 oz
Y1300100 · UPC 858633007398 · 6/22 oz
Y1300200 · Sticks · UPC 858633007353 · 24/4 oz

Red Square

Russian brand salami with beef, pork fatback and garlic. Smoked over natural hardwood.

Y1300015 · UPC 858633007121 · 12/6 oz

Old Kiev

High quality pork meat with spices and cognac. Naturally smoked which creates a rich and piquant flavor.

Y1300020 · UPC 858633007145 · 12/6 oz
Y1300110 · UPC 858633007343 · 6/22 oz

Tipsy Cow

All beef salami with sea salt, garlic and aged brandy inspired from the flavors of southwest France. All Vegetarian fed Angus beef.

Y1300025 · UPC 858633007138 · 12/6 oz
Y1300115 · UPC 858633007404 · 6/22 oz

Sacre Bleu

Crafted from whole muscle all-natural cuts of pork and backfat, this salami is simply flavored with garlic, sea salt and black peppercorn. A touch of red wine gives this salami an extra layer of depth and flavor. Sacre Bleu is aged for over two months until it is perfectly smooth, nutty and sweet.

Y1300040 · UPC 858633007107 · 12/6 oz
Y1300205 · Sticks · UPC 858633007046 · 24/4 oz


Y1300250 · Maison · UPC 858633007480 · 12/6 oz

Y1300260 · Brandy & Sage · UPC 858633007503 · 12/6 oz


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