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Prosciutto di Parma 'Addobbo' 18-20 month

'Addobbo' (round).  Authenically produced Prosciutto di Parma aged 18-20 months.

Y0700010 · 18 lb

Prosciutto di San Daniele 16 month

Produced in a DOP with no artificial ingredients.  Aged a minimum of 16 months.

Y0700020 · 18 lb

Speck, Alto Adige IGP

The unminstakable flavor in this speck comes from a unique blend of spices, it is then lightly smoked and cured in the fresh mountain air for 24 weeks.

Y0700040 · 2/5 lb

Pre-Sliced Prosciutto

Prosciutto pre-sliced in 1 lb packs for easy food service. 

Y0700100 · UPC 855498005804 · 6/1 lb 


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