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Salmon, Farmed - Skuna Bay

Skuna Bay Salmon is reared in its natural ocean environment by passionate farmers.  The glacier-fed waters and Pacific Ocean currents provide the perfect conditions for these high quality salmon. Experienced farmers live out on the water with the fish to provide the best possible care and special attention to detail.  Skuna Bay sea farms are Best Aquaculture Practice (BAP) certified. Skuna Bay salmon is selected for you by one of six approved salmon experts at a small, family owned operation on Quadara Island.  They ensure that only the very best salmon are chosen as Skuna Bay salmon.  Only the top 6% of their salmon make the Skuna Bay grade. After being selected and carefully cleaned, the Skuna Bay salmon are packed in a completely recyclable Thermafresh® box and the next hands to open that box and touch the fish are yours.  The result is a beautiful farm to table salmon with outstanding flavor: firm, mild, buttery every time. Available by pre-order. 



Skuna Wild is the same quality salmon in a wild version.  Each Skuna bay box (packed just like the farmed product) contains 30 pounds of gillnet caught sockeye salmon. The Skuna Wild fish will be between 4 to 6 pounds.  These sockeyes go through the same thorough selection process as the Skuna Bay farmed product.  The fish are hand selected, packed, and sealed by Skuna Bay salmon experts.  Seasonal


Fortune Fish & Gourmet - The Seafood & Gourmet Specialist - Fish Icon


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