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Founded in 1990 by directors Stephon Jones and Ernie Waldron, Somerdale has become the leading exporter of British cheese to the US. With their passion for great British cheese, they seek out the top producers in the UK and Ireland to succeed in their mission to share wonderful cheese with other cheese lovers all over the world.


Barber's 1833 Vintage Reserve Cheddar

Barbers Vintage Cheddar

Barbers is one of the oldest cheddar producers in the world and is still family operated today, representing over 6 generations. Using heritage starter cultures, their cheddar is still produced by hand, and is aged in wooden boxes for 18-24 months. Barbers cheddar is heralded for its creamy texture, with a savory buttery finish.

F11700410 · 4/2.5 lb


Red Dragon

Red Dragon a creamy cheddar specially blended with wholegrain mustard seed and ale. This cheese is bursting with flavor and a wonderful bite, without being overpowering. Sweet and savory, this cheese is perfect for Burgers, Pretzels and Charcuterie boards.

F1700400 · 2/4.96 lb


Cropwell Bishop Stilton

This blue is aged 12 weeks and has a rich, tangy flavor and a velvety smooth texute that makes it melt in your mouth.

F1700360 · 8.6 lb

Coopers Hill Double Gloucester 

Specially created for Somerdale, Cooper’s Hill combines the creamy texture and rounded taste of a quintessentially British Double Gloucester with the tang of Chives and Onions.
Cooper’s Hill is a certified Non-GMO cheese and celebrates a famous cheese rolling tradition enshrined in English folklore. Cooper’s Hill is the location in Gloucester where this tradition still continues. Each year, a wheel of Gloucester cheese is sent down the hill for people to race after. The first person to cross the finish line is awarded the 9lb wheel of cheese and the glory of winning the world famous event.

F1701380 · 1/5 lb · Pre-Order

Westminster Rustic Red 

Westminster Rustic Red was a cheese that happened by mistake!


A helveticus culture was added to a savoury cheese recipe by accident. The cheesemaker noticed the error of his ways too late and the cheese was made, over time the cheese matured into something magnificent. Sweet, nutty caramelised notes combined with a little savoury bite makes Rustic Red a wonderful cheese.


The helveticus culture, (indigenous to the alpine region of Europe) creates a slightly shorter texture and its signature snap/crumble when bitten It’s the perfect cheddar for your cheeseboard.



Try pairing with spicy red wine, an aged Zinfandel, maybe a Malbec. Rustic Red will pair well with most wines, but particularly these!

F1701460 · 10 lb 


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