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Vermont Creamery

Websterville, Vermont

Co-founders Bob and Allison founded Vermont Creamery in 1984 using premium ingredients to achieve great quality in dairy. Utilizing goat's milk into their dairy has enhanced the flavor and rewarded the surrounding communities. Teamwork, love and quality are important components of their mission that's resulted in supreme-grade dairy.



Creme Fraiche

French-style cultured cream with a rich taste and smooth texture. Brings a depth of flavor to dips, baked good and soups.

Q1200030 · UPC 011826200017 · 12/8 oz

Fresh Goat Chevre

Classic goats milk chevre, slightly tart and tangy.

Q1200040 · UPC 011826100126 · 12/4 oz 

Fresh Herbed Goat Cheese

Mild fresh goat cheese is hand rolled in a bright blend of rosemary, basil, oregano and thyme.

Q1200050 · UPC 011826100102 · 12/4 oz

Fresh Honey Goat Cheese

Mild fresh goat cheese is blended with sweet clover blossom honey from North Dakota.

Q1200060 · UPC 011826100201 · 12/4 oz

Crumbled Goat Cheese

Award-winning classic goat cheese crumbled for your convenience

Q1200070 · UPC 011826102007 · 12/4 oz


A Vermont original inspired by a classic French recipe.  These hand shaped cheese buttons have a dense center and a wrinkled Geotrichum rind.  Over time Bijou gains sharpness and complexity.

Q1200075 · UPC 011826121008 · 6/2/2 oz


An aged goat's milk cheese with an edible, wrinkly rind.  It has a bright, fresh taste.  Named for its likeness to a snow-covered dome.

Q1200080 · UPC 011826131007 · 6/6.5 oz

Bonne Bouche

Hand ladeled goat cheese that is ash ripened.  As it ripenes it becomes more creamy and robust in flavor.

Q1200085 · UPC 011826101000 · 6/4 oz


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