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Salmon, Farmed - Irish Organic

Farm-raised Atlantic salmon from Ireland is raised in two sea farms off the East Antrim coast, in large low density pens: only half a percent of pen is taken up by the fish. The salmon are swimming constantly against very strong currents which help to promote firm muscles and an optimum levle of fat.  It has a mild flavor and is very versatile in cooking methods.  Irish Organic salmon are fed by hand the result is the fish grow more slowly, but developing a better taste and lower fat levels.  All the feed used is certified organic by the Organic Food Federation (OFF) and the Universal Feed Assurance Standard (UFAS). Irish Organic salmon is accredited by Naturland (Germany), Bio Suisse (Switzerland), Qualite France and IOFGA (Ireland). Accreditation from an organic body means that the fish is farmed taking account of its welfare, welfare of the environment and traceability of the feed that helps the fish to grow. Criteria that must be met include: Out-growing sites must be located in deep seawater, in or close to the ocean, with strong tidal currents, constancy of the environment where salinity remains the same and water is richly oxygenated. 

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