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Halibut, Atlantic - Farmed Norway

Atlantic Halibut, Hippoglossus hippoglossus, has a unique history in Norwegian culture that goes back thousands of years. As early as 6000 years ago, during the Stone Age, halibut had been elevated to a high status. Images of halibut have been found carved into rock walls in Norway (probably to bring good fortune to fishing expeditions). Images of halibut are so numerous that it is clear its status as the grandest of all fish - the only saltwater fish to be invoked and worshipped by Norwegian ancestors.
Wild Atlantic Halibut is found in deep waters off the coast of Norway.  It lends itself to be vulnerable to overfishing because it is territorial, grows very slowly and matures later in life. Nordic Seafarms has been farming Atlantic Halibut in Norway since 1995.  Every phase of production from breeding to adult is carefully managed.  Norwegian Atlantic Halibut has a meaty, white and moist flesh.