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Barramundi, Australis

Australis is a recognized leader in sustainable aquaculture.  Australis faithfully maintains the pristine conditions of barramundi’s native environment while simultaneously protecting wild fisheries and the natural environment.  Australis Barramundi typically weigh 2 lbs, and the unique indoor farming environment assures the purity and healthfulness of the fish.  Starting with hatchery-raised fingerlings, which are stocked in a state-of-the-art fish farm in rural Massachusetts, they are grown to perfectly portion-sized fish which are harvested to order.  A patented water filtration process, and crystal-clear resting pools result in the freshest and best-tasting fish you will encounter.  And because they are always purged and shipped whole, quality and shelf life are maximized.  Prized for its sweet, buttery taste and delicate texture, barramundi is native to Australia’s northern tropical wilderness.  Australis has faithfully recreated key aspects of this sensitive ecosystem to grow a delicious, fresh and authentically Australian fish that many compare to wild sea bass.  
Australis is committed to leading the way to a sustainable future. Sustainability is a basic commitment that is embodied in all aspects of the business.  Maximizing the value of precious resources and minimizing the environmental impact of activities are essential to the mission.  These principles are practiced by filtering and reusing millions of gallons of water each day, by recovering and recycling nutrients, by using only sustainably harvested fish meals and by taking extensive measures to clean the small quantity of effluent produced.


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