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Char, Wisconsin Ivory

Wisconsin Ivory Char comes to Fortune from AquaTerra Farms, a family owned business in Wisconsin. In the 1980’s the Pigott brothers made their name in the plastic pallet business using recycled materials. They sold their business and continued with their forward-thinking practices to build a state of the art fish farm in Bristol, Wisconsin. Wisconsin Ivory Char is as silver-skinned fish, almost white on the sides with a light brownish hue on its dorsum from head to tail. The fish are grown to 2-3 lb before they are harvested. Wisconsin Ivory Char have a natural taste, rich with a flavor profile somewhere between trout and salmon with a fat content close to that of sockeye salmon. The texture is moderately firm but fine. The flesh does not have a pinkish red color like other farmed char, it is lighter. The flesh color is determined by the fishes’ diet. Wisconsin Ivory Char are fed the highest quality, FDA approved, high protein diet specifically designed for arctic char, and free of all dyes. Wisconsin Ivory Char are farmed in a closed, well fed, recirculating system. The system is bio-secure, which allows for their fish to be free of disease, heavy metals, and chemicals. There are no antibiotics or fungicides used in raising these fish. The farm was recently constructed in Bristol, Wisconsin and soon they will incorporate a hydroponic garden using the waste water from the farm.