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Exhibitor Instructions

Thank you for your participation in the 2018 Chicago Seafood and Specialty Food Show. We are expecting over 2,000 of our retail and food service customers from our distribution area. This will be an excellent opportunity to showcase your products and grow your business with Fortune Fish & Gourmet. We expect each booth to be cooking or offering tastings to all of our guests to make this a successful show! Please see some important details about the show below.
Show Schedule and Events:
  Pre-Show Vendor Reception with Cocktails and Appetizers
  Monday, October 8, 2018 from 6:00pm to 8:30pm
  Click here to RSVP by 
  2430 N. Cannon Dr.
  Chicago, IL 60614 
Chicago Seafood and Specialty Food Show
Navy Pier Grand Ballroom
600 East Grand Ave
Chicago, IL 60611
Move in: Tuesday, October 9th 7am
If you arranged for samples and equipment to be sent to Fortune to be delivered to the show (see Shipping Information below & fill out the Show Shipping Form), your materials will arrive by 8am on the day of the show and will be distributed to your booth. You may enter the ballroom beginning at 7am. Fortune Fish & Gourmet will provide ice for you to use by advanced request only, but please plan to make your own arrangements if you need a bin to display product or serving materials.  We will not have them available at the show.   
If driving, there is a loading and unloading area along the North side of the Navy Pier Ballroom.  You may pull all the way up to unload or load show materials.  After unloading proceed to park at the eastern most available lot.  There will be signs to guide you. Please see the map for parking and the Grand Ballroom at the link below. Valet will begin at 6:30am but may be quite busy with all the vendors arriving at once. If you need to self-park we will have parking validation ticket at the registration table. 
Lunch: 9:45 am
 Fortune will provide a boxed lunch for you that will be distributed just before the start of the   show.
  Please let Stacy know if you have any dietary restrictions.
 Show: 10am-5pm
 Please plan to have someone at your booth at all times.  If you need to step away briefly,   please ask a neighbor or Fortune staff member to cover for you.
Show Break Down: 5pm
Please do not break down any earlier than 5pm.  Designate all extra materials as to whether they should be disposed of, donated or used as samples.  We will not be returning any excess product to inventory.
Hotel Information:
Fortune has a block of rooms at The W Lakeshore. Please click the link to reserve your hotel room for the event if you haven’t already: Fortune Fish & Gourmet.  Please see the hotel website for driving and public transportation directions to the hotel.
Fortune Fish & Gourmet will be providing each booth with 5 amps of electricity. This should be enough power to plug in a laptop and charge a cell phone. Because we are providing this package to each booth, we have secured a discounted rate for electricity if you would like additional power. Please download the order form here. You must submit your request to Edlen Electrical Exhibition Services. For 20 amp circuits or fewer, you will not be charged any additional labor expense. We hope you will take advantage of this discounted rate and use electricity to cook and serve your product.  Note that extension cords and power strips will be available to use courtesy of Edlen Electric.
Please remember that open flames are not permitted at Navy Pier.
Navy Pier has made WiFi available for $14.95 + tax should you need to access the internet while at your booth.  You can order WiFi onsite through your device for no additional charge. 
Shipping Equipment and Samples to Fortune Fish & Gourmet for the Show:
Please only exhibit/sample products that are currently being sold by Fortune.  Please go through the appropriate channels to add items to Fortune's portfolio by contacting the Product Development Team
Do not send anything directly to Navy Pier.  If you do, you will never see it again, ever.  If you need to ship equipment and/or samples domestically to Fortune Fish & Gourmet, please fillout the Show Shipping Form and send an email to notify us of the delivery and mark your boxes in the following manner:
Chicago Seafood and Specialty Food Show
Your Company Name
  All items should be shipped to Fortune Fish & Gourmet- 1050 W South Thorndale Ave,                                                                                                                     Bensenville, IL 60106
Please plan for fresh samples to arrive Thursday 10/4 or Friday 10/5. Please plan for frozen samples, dry product or equipment to arrive as soon as possible. 
If you need to ship your product and/or supplies internationally to Fortune Fish & Gourmet, please contact Maria Bueno Oliver.  
We will email a floor plan of the event with your booth number and location a week prior to the show. 
We appreciate your participation and look forward to a great show!