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Peacock's Poultry Farm

Troy, Michigan

Peacock's Poultry Farm has been a family owned and operated business since 1928.  Focusing on raising all natural poultry, the Peacock family offers outstanding fresh Amish turkeys raised with no growth hormones and no preservatives.  These fresh turkeys arrive with a glaze of ice on the outside from deep chill to help them maintain their freshness and extend the shelf life. This is not a frozen turkey.


To guarantee your sizing availability it is best to preorder your turkeys, although we do bring in a few extras for those last minute changes.  Check with your sales representative for availability.


Fresh Amish Turkey

T1110010 · 8-12 lb. whole (10 lb. average)  
T1110070 · 12-16 lb. whole (14 lb. average) 
T1110160 · 16-20 lb. whole (18 lb. average)
T1110190 · 20-24 lb. whole (22 lb. average)  
T1110220 · 24-28 lb. whole (26 lb. average)  
T1110280 · 28-32 lb. whole (30 lb. average)  
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