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Fossacesia, Italy

The key overriding belief at Ursini is that authentic quality can only be obtained in a direct way. Ursini sees themselves as a family before being a company.  A group of olive growers dedicated to bringing you the highest quality olives of Italy.


Sweet Sicilian 

The most famous Italian olives in the world.  This Nocellara del Belice varietal is a round olive that is bright green in color. Grown in Western Sicily, these olives are soft and dense with a fruity and delicate flavor.

I0100100 · 4.4 lb drained weight


Black Leccino

Leccino olives are the most versatile of the Italian olives.  They have a fresh flavor with notes of basil, mint, chicory and almond.  Ideal with pasta sauces, or a great companion to fish recipes such as cod or swordfish.  This variety comes from Abruzzo, the "green heart" of Italy.

I0100120 · 4.4 lb drained weight

Italian Olive Mix

A mix of Gaeta, Sweet Sicilian, Black Leccino and Cerignola olives.

I0100160 · 4.4 lb drained weight

Black Gaeta

The black princess of Italian  olives!  Buttery, delicate, sweet and slightly bitter.  An exquisite varitey used since the times of the Roman Empire.  Coming from an area south of Rome, they are considered among the most precious and delicious olives by many.

I0100180 · 4.4 lb drained weight
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