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Kokomo Culinary Verjus

Sonoma County, California

Kokomo Culinary is a collaboration between winemaker, Erik Miller, and food industry veteran, Dale Peters.  Erik, winemaker and owner of Kokomo Winery came up with the idea for Kokomo Culinary when thinking about how to work on making the winery more sustainable.  As is a common practice in many premium wineries, the wine grapes are thinned mid-summer.  These hand picked grapes are now used to make Kokomo Culinary Verjus, ensuring that no grape goes to waste in the vineyard.  Kokomo Culinary strives to utilize all available resources in the winery and vineyards to create zero waste.  All fruits used in their Verjus is grown on their own propery.


Verjus, the pressed juice of unripe wine grapes, is a natural form of acid that enhances the flavors of fresh ingredients in cooking.  It can be used in place of vinegar or lemon juice to add a bit of acidity to help showcase the foods in the dish.  



O0200400 · 750 mL Bottle   



Verjus For Foodservice

A 3 liter box which is perfect for the kitchen.  There is no glass and the bag in a box keeps the verjus fresh and easy to use for bulk usage.

O0200430 · 3 L Box





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