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Kajiki (Pacific Blue Marlin)

Kajiki is commonly known as Pacific blue marlin, or a’u, the Hawaiian name applied to all marlin species caught in Fiji and Hawaii.  This species can get as large as 1,600 pounds in round weight, but the usual size of fish marketed is between 80 and 300 pounds in round weight.  The kajiki is distinguished from other commonly-caught marlin species by its larger size, heavier bill, and rougher, grey skin.  The heaviest landings of kajiki are during the summer and fall (June-October), the period when schooling tunas, the favorite prey of kajiki, are often abundant in the waters of the Pacific.Kajiki has firm flesh with a mild flavor (although somewhat more pronounced than the flavor of ahi).  Flesh color in kajiki is amber, although it varies somewhat from fish to fish.  Flesh with high fat content has a naturally lacquered appearance. Kajiki with high fat content may be served as sashimi.  Troll caught or by longline.  Trolling usually produces the larger fish, whereas long lining often harvests fish with higher fat content from deeper waters.


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