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Wild Ophelia

Chicago, Illinois

Wild Ophelia is created by Katrina Markoff, also the creator of Vosges Haut Chocolat.  Ophelia represents female entrepreneurs in America today.  Ophelia is independently spirited, fiercely unconventional, and wildly ambitious.  She believes in herself, but also in innovation, authenticity and empowerment.  The Wild Ophelia flavors are inspired by the farms, coaxing life and flavor through the soil.  The chocolate line is a journey through local farms and artisenal foods.



Peanut Butter Caramelized Banana Chocolate Bar  

Kauai Hawaiian caramelized bananas, roasted peanut butter, 41% cacao milk chocolate.

U0202510 ·  UPC 810048015597 · 12/2 oz.






Beef Jerky Chocolate Bar  wild-ophelia-beef-jerky-bar

Beef jerky, Maine alderwood smoked salt, 41% cacao milk chocolate.

U0202530· UPC 810048015580 · 12/2 oz.







BBQ Potato Chip Chocolate Barwild-ophelia-bbq-bar

Sweet honey and hickory potato chips, smoked paprika, 70% cacao deep dark chocolate.

U0202550 · UPC 810048015603 · 12/2 oz.







Almond Sea Salt

Almonds, sea salt and 70% cacao dark chocolate.

U0202570 · UPC 810048015498 · 12/2 oz.

Carmelized Crispy Rice

41% cacao milk chocolate with caramelized crispy rice.

U0202590 · UPC 81048015481 · 12/2 oz.


Smoked Salt Peanut Butter Cups

Maine hickory smoked salt, roasted peanut butter, 70% cacao dark chocolate.

U0202680 · UPC 810048015511 · 12/1.39 oz.


Maine Sea Salt Peanut Butter Cups 

Made with Maine sea salt, roasted peanut butter and 70% cacao dark chocolate.

U0202640 · UPC 810048015504 · 12/1.39 oz.


Carmelized Banana Peanut Butter Cups 

Kauai Hawaiian carmelized bananas, roasted peanut butter, 41% cacao milk chocolate.

U0202620 · UPC 810048015528 · 12/1.39 oz.


Toasted Coconut Peanut Butter Cups

American Pacific sea salt, roasted peanut butter, toasted coconut, 70% cacao dark chocolate.

U0202660 · UPC 810048015535 · 12/1.39 oz.