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White Toque


IQF Chestnuts

Blanched and peeled chestnuts.  Light to dark brown in color.  IQF to maintain freshness.

8561Z355 · 2.2 lb.

Peeled Fava Beans

Shell-less, peeled, blanched and quick frozen for freshness.  Frozen. Kosher.

8561Z365 · 10/2.2 lb.

Petite Peas

French petite peas.  Frozen.  Kosher.

8561Z368 · 10/2.2 lb.



Roasted Red Tomatoes

Tomatoes picked at the peak of ripeness then roasted at a low temperature to retain all of the flavor and texture.  Sweet, mildly tart flavor of tomatoes with mild garlic and spice background flavor. Frozen. Kosher (KSA).

 8561Z585 · 4/3 lb.


Semi-dry Cherry Tomatoes

Semi-dry cherry tomatoes marinated in non-hydrogenated sunflower oil, salt, garlic and oregano.  Great as a pizza topping or in a salad. Frozen. GMO-Free.

8561Z586 · 22 lb
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