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Bloomington, Indiana

Vigilant Eats has created a convienent portable cup of organic oat-based cereal. Each cup is loaded with superfoods and nutritious raw ingredients. This organic and vegan cereal is a quick accessible breakfast that is nourishing, tasty, energizing and very fun to eat.



Goji-Cacao Cereal

A balance of plump goji berries and crunchy cacao nibs with oats, coconut sugar, maple powder, yacon root powder, hemp protein, and cinnamon.

W6700010 - UPC 804879287131 - 6/2.3 oz.

Espresso Maca Mulberry Cereal

A unique superfood cereal that includes espresso, maca, mulberries, vanilla, maple powder, cacao nibs and more.

W6700020 - UPC 804879452560 - 6/2.3 oz.

Maca Double Chocolate Cereal

A choclate lover's delight in a cup. This oat-based cereal includes raw cacao nibs, raw cacao powder, dates and more.

W6700030 - UPC 804879452553 - 6/2.3 oz.

Coconut Maple Vanilla Cereal

A delightful coconut flavor with coconut flakes, dates, maple powder, vanilla, lucuma, hemp protein and coconut palm sugar.

W6700040 - UPC 804879452577 - 6/2.3 oz.

Banana Chia Cereal

An elegant flavor with bananas, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, and coconut flakes and more.

W6700050 - UPC 863209000109 - 6/2.3 oz.

Sweet Potato Pie Cereal

A masterful sweet and savory cereal that will blow your mind.

W6700060 - UPC 863209000116 - 6/2.3 oz.