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Clinton Township, Michigan

From Grandma's kitchen came the passion for cooking and flavors.  This passion has brought us the Mediterranean flavors to use at home from Teta Foods.  Simple dips and marinades to bring big flavor to dishes.  All products are All Natural, Non-GMO, Gluten Free and Vegan.



Garlic Dip

Well known for its smooth garlic flavor, this authentic Mediterranean dip and spread works as a great substitute for mayonnaise.

83500100 · 12/12 oz.




Shawarma Marinade

A traditional marinade made with aromatic spices, garlic and natural tenderizer.  Wonderful for meat and chicken.

83500180 · 12/12 oz.



Shish Tawook Marinade

A flavorful tomato based, garlic and oregano marinade that is not spicy.

83500140 · 12/12 oz.



Fattoush Dressing

Authentic Mediterranean salad dressing that is similar to a vinaigrette.  A great blend of herbs, garlic and pomegrate molasses.

8350022B0 · 12/12 oz.


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