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Shred Pop

Chicago, Illinois 

The SHRED family of products has been developed with  #SHREDDERNATION community at heart. At the center of the SHRED Lifestyle is a mission to help make healthier living supportive, accessible, affordable, and most importantly, realistic. Their goal is your goal.  SHRED products will keep you on track, and  help you look good while doing it!


Honey BBQ   shred-pop-honey-bbq-res-pic

At last, enjoy the delicious flavor of honey bbq and whole grain all-natural popcorn together! SHRED POP Honey BBQ is air popped and just 100 calories, so you can enjoy the real bbq flavor (with fewer napkins*).  

W6500170 · UPC 810455022355 · 24/1 oz.





SHRED POP Kettle flavor combines a salty sweet snack that your taste buds will love. With 100 calories and 4 grams of fiber, these delicious kernels pack a hidden healthy punch. 
W6500110 · UPC 810455022331 · 24/1 oz.




Sea Salt

SHRED POP Sea Salt is a great low calorie snack with a classic light and salty taste. With 5 grams of fiber, the air popped kernels are filling, and will leave you wondering how so much flavor came in one bag!? You can even share with others…if you want. 

W6500150 · UPC 810455022317 · 24/1 oz.




White Cheddar

SHRED POP White Cheddar combines air popped popcorn and delicious white cheddar for a slightly cheesy, and deliciously satisfying taste. At only 100 calories, imagine your favorite childhood snack; but without the guilt!  

W6522130 · UPC 810455022324 · 24/1 oz.