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Rappahannock Oyster Co. Cocktail Sauce

In the fall of 1899, 24-year-old James Croxton strode into the Essex County, VA, court house to lay claim to 2 acres of Rappahannock River bottom near the south-shore hamlet of South Hill.

When the company’s fourth generation (cousins Ryan and Travis Croxton) stepped up to the plate in 2001, the industry had all but collapsed. But a small band of budding aquaculturists, Ryan and Travis among them, refused to give up on the native oyster. Inside of a decade, the Bay’s oyster would go on to reclaim its place among the great oysters of the world, and Virginia would become a leader in oyster production.

Anxious to not just raise oysters but the message of aquaculture out to the general public, they opened a “tasting room” at the Rappahannock oyster farm in Topping, Virginia, in July of 2011 called Merroir. This was soon followed by an oyster bar in Washington, DC, in Sept. of 2012 called Rappahannock Oyster Bar. Both oyster bars have been ranked among the best in the country by Travel & Leisure, Food & Wine, Thrillist, Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times. But it’s with their restaurant Rappahannock in Richmond, VA, that we sought to go beyond oysters and partner with like-minded farmers/fisherman across the spectrum to bring a fresh approach to fine dining, whereby the “story” (good food grown well) is at the forefront. Led by celebrated chef, and longtime friend, Dylan Fultineer, Rappahannock has gone on to receive national acclaim, earning a place among Esquire magazine’s “Best New Restaurants.”


Rappahannock Oyster Company now brings you the latest and greatest in oyster accompaniments.



Rappahannock Oyster Company Cocktail Sauce

W1830200 · UPC 631384533848 · 12/8 oz.


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