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Jersey Mary's Barbeque/Baking Sauce

Chicago, Illinois

Barbeque baking sauce.  This is vinegar based so naturally tenderizes meats.  Jersey Mary's Sauce does not just slather on the meat, but rather sinks in and leaves it with a sweet and spicy flavor that bakes through.  Mary was a housewife of the 1950s who did not work the grill, but loved the flavor of bbq sauce so used it in whatever she could. Jersey Mary's daughter, Roberta, later as an adult was trying to doctor up store bought sauce and looked through all the old recipes from her mother to find her recipe.  From this old recipe, and Roberta's tweeks, brought us Jersey Mary's Barbeque Baking Sauce used for everything from salad dressing to desserts.  Unique to this sauce that there is less than 1 gram of sugar per serving.


Barbeque/Baking Sauce

U0840100 · UPC 858070000235 · 12/16 oz.
U0840200 · 1 Gallon